3D Printers

3D Printers

3D printing is one of the hottest topics in print today. In fact, IDC has identified 3D printing as one of the core innovation accelerators for the 3rd Platform. This recognition is a signal that this market, which has been around for 30 years, is ready to transition from a market hype status to a technology that brings innovation and disruption to the materializing of all sorts of physical things from digital blueprints.


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Recently, Konica Minolta announced the availability of the professional line of 3D printers to us.  The professional line of 3D printers consists of 3D Systems ProJet 1200, ProJet 4500, ProJet x60 and ProJet 3500 series. The professional line of 3D printers provides the accuracy, build volume and speed that architects, engineering firms, education, and consumer product companies demand.

Color Jet Printer Multi-Jet Printers
Model Description Model Description
ProJet 160

ProJet 160

The ProJet 160 puts your ideas in the palm of your hand, with 3D professional printing at affordable cost — an ideal solution for concept models, assemblies and prototypes in manufacturing, communications, healthcare, education and a wide array of other applications.   ProJet 3500 HDMax

For high-speed 3D printing with maximum definition at maximum volume, the ProJet 3500 HDMax offers unsurpassed value and performance — large high-definition prints, more durable plastic materials and faster printing to improve your productivity in creating prototypes, testing samples, master patterns and direct-investment castings.
ProJet 260C

The ProJet 260C is a fast, affordable solution for full-color 3D printing of strong, high-definition concept models to help you realize your design concepts, communicate ideas more easily, and create assemblies and prototypes for use in engineering, consumer products, recreation, healthcare, education and other applications.   ProJet 3510 HD

 With an expanded selection of plastic materials and selectable print resolutions, the ProJet 3510 HD raises the bar for accurate 3D printing of durable, high-quality parts on demand for testing your ideas, verifying form and fit, creating prototypes and tooling samples for applications in consumer product design, engineering, healthcare, education and more.
ProJet 360

The ProJet 360 lets you print strong, accurate and realistic 3D parts, prototypes, concept models and assemblies to test your ideas more quickly — with fast output speed and the ability to build multiple models at the same time for higher productivity in manufacturing, communications and a wide range of specialized applications.   ProJet 3510 HDPlus

 A big plus in 3D Printing — the ProJet 3510 HDPlus offers three resolution modes and a wide range of durable, high-quality plastic materials for greater flexibility in creating concept models, verification prototypes and pre-production patterns to fit any design or manufacturing need.
ProJet 460Plus

With color 3D printing capability, the ProJet 460 Plus is your solution for creating strong, accurate and realistic parts, prototypes, concept models and more. Fast output delivers more work in less time — and you can print text labels, logos, design comments or images directly on models in a single step for greater realism.   ProJet 3510 SD

 The ProJet 3510 SD provides accurate, precise 3D printing with simple operation and office-friendly design. For high-quality durable plastic parts on demand in prototyping, functional testing, form and fit verification, rapid tooling and other engineering and mechanical design applications, the ProJet 3510 SD is an ideal and affordable solution.
Project 660 Pro

Full-color 3D output at higher speed and affordable cost makes the ProJet 660 Pro a valuable solution for design firms, model makers, engineers, manufacturers and other applications requiring strong, accurate 3D printed parts. Operation is simple, multiple printing is fast, and you can print labels, logos, and images in color for greater realism.      
ProJet 860 Pro

Top of the line performance in full-color 3D printing puts the ProJet 860 Pro at the head of its class — with full-color CMYK output, the ability to produce 96 large-size prototypes per build, and high-speed output of strong, accurate parts and prototypes that make design ideas come alive for manufacturing, design and other applications.    3D Cube Printer  The Cube offers affordable easy to use dual color and dual material high-resolution 3D printing. Loading material has never been easier or more convenient with the introduction of  newly designed cartridges.  Combined with the auto-leveling print pad and beautiful 70-micron high-resolution capability, the Cube prints effortlessly, every time.

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