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Konica Minolta is helping change the way you work.  

Groundbreaking ideas for the workplace of the future demand equally innovative technology. Our technology solutions win accolades from our clients who depend on their reliability, quality and ultra-high speeds. We’re not following the herd; we’re shaping new standards in technology solutions that work for you. In an ever-changing workplace environment, your business processes must be keyed in and focused on improving productivity. Through the expertise of our Facilities Management and Managed Print Services, you benefit from comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that save time and ensure efficient operations.

Work is not where you are. Work is what you get done.

The traditional office environment is changing and will continue to do so. We have the freedom to work on the road using our phones, in the park using our tablets, or halfway around the world using our laptops. Smart companies are busy seeking competitive advantages for their organizations and teams to reshape work by selecting and implementing the right tools and technologies to create their own workplace of the future.

A Whole New Way To Go To Work

The excitement generated by new technology is infectious in today’s workplace as game-changing solutions and leading-edge resources are making work become less about where you go and more about what you get done. Whether it’s artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud or mobility offerings, Konica Minolta’s Workplace of the Future™ portfolio of innovative solutions bring that excitement to your business, promoting greater collaboration and productivity, improved efficiency and heightened security.

Teamwork has always been a staple in the success of any organization. Technology has raised the bar for how employees can enhance collaboration and significantly improve productivity – deeply enriching their workplace experience. In the process of discovering the smart tools that give your employees this very satisfying way of communicating, working and achieving as a team, you’ll unlock the immense potential that’s available throughout your organization, no matter its size.

  • Efficiency

    The best way to achieve maximum productivity in your business with minimum wasted effort or expense is to use the smartest resources available. Fortunately, there are many at hand as ideas and technology move fast. Whether you and your employees are working from an office desktop or a mobile device, resources like cloud storage and services will soon have you and your staff working in a well-organized, competent and efficient way.


    Lessons of the past said that, to be productive and successful, you had to work hard. Today’s lessons, however, say you have to work smart. You can do this with enterprise content management solutions that improve your business’s workflow processes, Workplace of the Future™ solutions that empower your employees to work smarter anywhere, anytime and anyplace, and heightened data security to reduce your risk. Being productive and successful is still the goal. The route to get there is very different.

    The evolution of artificial intelligence in the workplace

    Since the first appearance of the words “artificial intelligence” more than 60 years ago, our imaginations have been sparked. Imagine creating computers that simulate human intelligence.

    AI has the potential to profoundly influence our lives, perhaps to the point when our world can be better understood and even predicted. In workplaces we can develop systems through which AI may evolve. And Konica Minolta is progressing with the concept of intelligent hubs which will provide businesses with insight, support and greater collaboration.

    By combining our core technologies with transformative solutions in the digital workplace, we’re evolving to become a problem-solving digital company creating new value for people and society.

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